NeoBear AR Bible

NeoBear refers to the bible story in the form of an animation. The bible story is the extraction of culture and the refinement of historical stories. It teaches children the long-standing cultural background and easy-to-understand historical stories behind Western education. It contains 30 sets of wonderful animation coloring content!


  • AR Augmented Reality Technology
  • 3D effect
  • Let the painting become a 3D animation
  • Family interactive learning
  • Suitable for children aged 3-6


Support Language: English

Product size: (length) 31cm x (wide) 25cm x (height) 1cm

Package size: (length) 52cm x (wide) 33cm x (height) 3cm

Product weight: 0.8kg

Even package weight: 1kg


4 coloring books

40 Bible Story Coloring pages

8 color crayons

Activate 5 devices at the same time

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NeoBear AR Bible

Using AR Augmented Reality Technology, teaches children the long-standing cultural background.

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