BASTRON is a Transparent Touch Glass Keyboard with Touch pad Mouse Gesture Function.

The touch pad mouse gesture function is designed to use it quietly at night.

The keyboard is made of tempered glass with anti-fingerprint coating.

The absence of traditional keys also makes this one of the easiest computer peripherals to clean, and it is surface waterproof.

The keyboard is illuminated with blue LED back lighting for both visibility and also “the future is now” aesthetics 

Product Features:

  • Bluetooth wireless Glass Keyboard, it's a keyboard made of glass.
  • Blue LED backlight with gesture control,More gesture recognition support.
  • Touch Sensitive key controls, wonderful high quality
  • Surface waterproof, suitable for disinfection treatment.Let you have a keyboard without bacteria.
  • High-end gift box packaging include Bluetooth Glass keyboard, USB cable x 1, Manual x 1
  • Warranty: 12 months


  • Size: 340x162x13mm
  • Material: tempered glass, aluminum alloy
  • Battery: 10 hours
  • Support: Windows, Mac OS X, Android, IOS

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Bastron- Transparent Touch Glass Keyboard

Transparent Touch Glass Keyboard with Touchpad Mouse Gesture Function.

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