WASHWOW 1.0  Portable Wash & Disinfect Device Without Detergent

Normal clothing and underwear in the use of the technology, do not add detergent washing chemical substances can also be cleaned. Put an end to the two pollution. At the same time, there is no pollution to the natural environment, More environmentally friendly.

The use of the technology after cleaning, take out the sun, even in the rainy season, the clothes are not easy to dry days In the air, clothes will not grow mildew or smell, and they can be kept clean.

The use of the technology, cleaning without mechanical movement, no friction, no wear and tear on the clothes, especially Some high-end clothes have a protective effect.

Water saving, power saving, small size, portable, you can carry.

This product has bactericidal effect, can be used for household disinfection, washing toys, bottles, disinfection, flushing toilets.

Working principles:

The principle of Washwow electronic washing machine is to use the reactive oxygen produced by electrolyzed water to decompose the dirt on clothes. The internal surface of body is coated with electrodes made of precious metals, electricity can maintain a certain degree of voltage and current in the meantime, the water electrolysis will produce water, water as a function of OH, O, O2, O3, On, HnOn and hypochlorous acid, the former can be clothes on the organic dirt into water and carbon dioxide or other substances, and hypochlorous acid has the effect of sterilization, bacteria, dust mites cannot stick on clothes.

When the tap water is electrolyzed, the alkaline ion is produced in the negative electrode to produce a clean washing environment similar to the washing powder, but the effect is higher than that of the washing powder. Oxidation, decomposition of metal oxides, oils, organic compounds and some residual chemicals in water. The common organic color has obvious decolorization and bleaching role, to achieve the purpose of cleaning clothes.

At the same time, the acid ion is generated on the anode, and has the function of antibacterial disinfection and deodorizing function. No chemical detergent is really green.


  • No need to use hand to rub, no washing powder or laundry detergent are needed, Save energy and water
  • More environmentally friendly
  • Small in size, carry all around
  • Silent in operation
  • Reactive alcohol on the clothes through the electrolysis of water to remove the stain on the clothes
  • Avoid laundry detergent on the skin
  • Suitable for sensitive skin and babies
  • Household disinfection, washing toys, flushing toilets
  • Wash clothes only 20-30 minutes, 1-3 pieces can be washed
  • Effectively kills 99.77% of Candida on women's underwear!
  • 12 months warranty

How to use it:

1 According to the number of clothes (usually not more than 1KG), select the appropriate containers (buckets, basins and so on).

2 Put the clothes in the container and add water as much as possible to keep the water out of the clothes. Don't add any washing powder or detergent.

3 After the power supply, the decomposer into the water, choose the time you need to clean.

4 Time selection key, press one is 20 minutes, press two times continuously is 25 minutes, press three times continuously, it is 30 minutes.

5 The end of the wash, remove the clothes, and then use water to soak, wring dry.


  • Color: White
  • Model: Wow-1601
  • Input Voltage: 100-240V
  • Rated Power: 24W
  • Net weight: 271G
  • Package weight: 435G
  • Size: 102*72*26mm

What’s in the box:

  • Splitter + Controller
  • Power Cable
  • User Manual


1. Please read all the instructions carefully before use.

2. This product is specially designed for cleaning light clothing such as clothes and underwear clean heavy coats and large fabrics.

3. When the power light flashing or stop work, indicating that the power load is too large. Probably the clothes are dirty and the resistance is too small to cause the power to be overloaded. Cause power overload protection stop working. Solution: please replace the clean water and dry the water in the decomposer New start can.

4. Power and control should pay attention to waterproof, keep dry.


1. Plug the power plug in place and use the power to avoid electric shock.

2. Don't let children or people who can't use it operate. So as to avoid electric shock or other accidents.

3. Please use the 110~220V socket separately, and do not damage the wire or power supply to prevent electric shock.

4. Do not insert metal needles or other foreign objects into the decomposer hole. So as not to damage the electrode or cause risk of electric shock.

5. The power supply and controller parts are prohibited to pour water, otherwise there is the danger of short circuit and electric shock.

6. Plug broken, plug loose, do not use, so as to avoid short circuit money shock.

7. Do not fold, disassemble or repair the product yourself.

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WASHWOW 1.0 Portable Wash & Disinfect Device Without Detergent

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